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Old DirectX Version Download

This list might come in handy if you are building a retro pc. All the credits for this goes to This is just a mirror of their list.

Date Version Lang. 95 98 98SE ME 2000 XP 2003 XP64 Vista Link
02/96 DirectX 1.0  
06/96 DirectX 2.0  
09/96 DirectX 3.0  
07/97 DirectX 5.0    
02/98 DirectX 5.2    
07/98 DirectX 6.0      
01/99 DirectX 6.1      
09/99 DirectX 7.0        
09/99 DirectX 7.0        
12/99 DirectX 7.0a        
12/99 DirectX 7.0a        
11/00 DirectX 8.0            
01/01 DirectX 8.0a            
10/01 DirectX 8.1            
06/02 DirectX 8.1b              
09/02 DirectX 8.2              
12/02 DirectX 9.0              
04/03 DirectX 9.0a                
10/03 DirectX 9.0b                
07/04 DirectX 9.0c                

SHA1 checksums for all files

posted by reachC  -  6. April 2017

Magnetic Door Contact

If you have problems with a magnetic door contact from your alarm system than the possible reason is a faulty reed switch:

reed switch

You can test the reed switch with your multimeter (with and without the magnet):

To be sure you can bridge over the reed switch with a short wire:

posted by reachC  -  11. February 2017

SSH Login Notification

Someone might say I’m paranoid but i like to now when someone logs into my server.

Copy this into the file “/etc/ssh/sshrc” (Ubuntu/Debian) and change “” to your email address:

IP="$(echo $SSH_CONNECTION | cut -d " " -f 1)"
echo ''$IP' logged into '$HOST'' | mutt -s 'SSH Login'

This example only works if you have configured the Mutt email client.

posted by reachC  -  31. January 2017

IBM ThinkPad 340 (Type 2610)

I got an IBM ThinkPad 340 from 1994 that is in pretty good condition. It has a 8 MB IC DRAM card at the bottom that increases the memory to 12 MB. Here are some details about it:

  • CPU: IBM486 SLC 25/50MHz (no Intel)
  • RAM: 4MB (max. 12 MB)
  • Display: 9,5″ DSTN monochrome 640 x 480
  • HDD: 125 MB
  • 3,5″ Floppy
  • Connections: PCMCIA (Type III), VGA, serial, parallel, PS/2
  • Size: 297 x 210 x 49 mm
  • Weight: 2,2 kg
  • Manual

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posted by reachC  -  13. January 2017

Arduino Timer Interrupts

Here is a small example how you can create timer interrupts with the arduino. For this example you need the TimerOne library.

#include "TimerOne.h"  
int iPin=13;
int iSeconds=1;

void setup() {
	pinMode(iPin, OUTPUT);

void fBlink() {
	digitalWrite(iPin, digitalRead(iPin) ^ 1);

void loop() {
	// nothing to do here
posted by reachC  -  11. January 2017


With the PSIO add-on for the Playstation 1 you can load games from an SD-Card. It also supports CDDA and XA audio channels and most of the classic games are supported (list). To use this add-on you have to solder a switchboard on the mainboard that will automatically switch between the disc drive and the parallel port.

Here are some images that shows the installation of the PSIO switchboard:

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posted by reachC  -  7. January 2017